30 Days Without Google

After making a child-like error while developing my freelance portfolio site, I now have to survive without a Google listing for around the next 30 days.

Enquiries from Google usually generate around 50% of my workload so it’s going to be an interesting period and one that can’t pass quickly enough for me.

Whilst developing the new NoVolume site using Wordpress I checked the privacy box saying I would like to block search engines but allow normal visitors. It does seems pretty self evident what will happen if you check that box, but I did have a reason for clicking it. I assumed that Wordpress had some kind of built in search engine submission and I didn’t want Google to crawl and index my new site on it’s temporary url.

A week or so later I put my new site live and it was certainly working harder for me than my previous site (according to Google Analytics). Unfortunately, and this is the crucial part – I never changed the privacy settings to allow search engines to find my site after putting it live. This wasn’t an accident though, I assumed that because Google already knew of the existence of NoVolume, I didn’t need to tell it again. I was wrong. Wordpress had placed a noindex,nofollow meta tag onto the home page of my new site and I had no idea.

Google has now attempted to crawl my site, found this meta tag and has removed my site from it’s listing.

I have since removed the offending tag, and all I can do now is sit and wait until my site gets crawled again.

It’s going to be a long month!

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