6 Useful Books For Freelancers

Since embracing the Kindle, I’ve been getting through a hell of a lot of books. I thought I’d share some of my favourite design and freelance related books and why I like them…

Everything I Know

1. Everything I Know

Paul Jarvis
You’ve got to love Paul’s approach, he doesn’t compromise on what he wants to do and has a brilliant way with words. If you find yourself a bit lost sometimes and not sure whether you’re doing the right thing Everything I Know will fill you full of passion and set you on the right path.

Breaking The Time Barrier

2. Breaking The Time Barrier

Freshbooks founder Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper released this free ebook about value based pricing and it’s brilliantly put together. It’ll take you under and hour to read it, it will make you think a little different about how you charge and it’s free. What more can I say?

How To Win Friends And Influence People

3. How To Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie
This book isn’t about design in any way, shape or form but the principles behind it are so solid that they can be easily applied to life as a freelancer. In the event that you don’t find anything to help your career, you’ll almost certainly improve as a person for reading it.

The Good Creative

4. The Good Creative

Paul Jarvis
I know it’s another Paul Jarvis book, but he writes so well it’s hard not to put another of his books on here. The Good Creative reads like an advice list for all creative types out there working in any industry.

The Four Hour Work Week

5. The Four Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss
Tim is a very motivated man. The Four Hour Work Week, in case you hadn’t guessed talks a lot about productivity and maximising your working hours. Even if you want to work more than four hours a week you’ll pick up some pretty useful tips to help maximise the time that you do spend working.

How To Be Free

6. How To Be Free

Tom Hodgkinson
The premise of How To Be Free is pretty simple, it’s a collection of tips to free yourself from the confines of modern life. While I found this book the hardest going of all on this list, the premise is great as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Let me know which books you rate, I’m always looking for recommendations for my reading list!

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