7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Portfolio

Portfolio Recently I found myself looking at a few designer’s portfolios. Well I say recently, in truth I’m always looking. I couldn’t help but notice that there are a few common mistakes across a lot of portfolios, so here’s 7 simple tips to improve yours…

1. Don’t include everything

Just because you’ve done 100 websites in the last year doesn’t mean you have to show ALL of them. Choose your work carefully, your portfolio should be made up a selection of your absolute best work.

2. Mirror the type of work you want to get

Select your projects to reflect the type of work you’re looking for. If you don’t want to be working on banner ads, don’t put them in your portfolio.

3. Lose the tiny thumbnails

No-one should have to squint to see your work. The days of 56kbs internet are long gone, you can afford the extra few kilobytes to show off your work with the attention it deserves.

4. Big name brands aren’t everything

Don’t feel the need to include a project just because it’s for a client with a big name. Too often you’ll see a designer include a project that isn’t anywhere near the level of their other work just because it’s for a household name.

5. Explain your involvement

Be clear about what you’ve actually done on a project and don’t take credit for any parts that you didn’t do. You can still include work that you contributed to, but make sure people are aware what that contribution was.

6. One monitor is enough

I’m already looking at your work on a computer screen, you don’t need to wrap it inside a graphic of another screen. Use the extra space to show your work off even larger.

7. Start and finish strong

Have your strongest two projects first and last. You should be looking for consistency throughout but it makes a huge impact if you open strongly and finish that way too.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful among these tips!

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