A Slight Career Change

I’ve recently had a slight change of direction in my career. As of next month I’ll be teaching HTML and CSS for NTI Leeds at Old Broadcasting House on an ad-hoc basis.

It’s an opportunity that kind of fell into my lap and although it’s not a subject I’ve taught before (to anyone but friends) I’m pretty excited as it’s a new direction for me. I’m taking over the course from the very talented Ant Pearson who taught it for a number of years but is no longer available to do so. Ant has been incredibly helpful answering my many questions along the way while I get to grips with things.

Elbow Patches On Jackets

From teaching online to teaching in person

I’ve been teaching mac based 3D software Cheetah3D online for a few years now through video tutorials, blog posts and various other digital delivery methods, I’ve also taught it privately on occasion. I see teaching in the classroom as an extension to this, it’s not completely new territory for me.

The course

The two day course is aimed at people that are new to HTML and CSS and takes them through everything they’re likely to encounter by completing various exercises which build towards coding a site by hand. At the moment I’m working my way through updating all the course materials to reflect this. The old course had become a little dated and needed freshening up to be more focussed around HTML5 and CSS3.

As a designer, I think I have something to give as a teacher because coding isn’t something that came naturally to me. Where my developer friends pick up new disciplines easily, I have to work a little bit harder to get myself to understand, hopefully that’s something that will help me to show others. Quite often people seem to have a mental barrier to learning code that hinders them, breaking that down will be one of my many challenges along the way, well that and sewing elbow patches into my jackets.

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