Airport Of The Future

I recently finished working on these 3D renders showing the technology that we expect to see in airports across the globe in the future.

Airport Of The Future

The project delivered for APH Airport Parking (whilst working with Epiphany) was quite challenging but really enjoyable at the same time. The timescales on this one were fairly tight and there was a huge amount of work involved. I had to do everything from interpreting the research provided to designing and creating the objects in 3D and render them up.

Inside Airport Of The Future

A Challenging Brief

One of the major challenges on this one was developing a style that was achievable within the timescales. Anyone that has spent any amount of time rendering 3D scenes will know that it’s a fairly time-consuming process you’re not always guaranteed to get the results that you’re striving for.

Airport Of The Future

The actual renders I kept relatively basic. With time being at a premium I was keen to get out of 3D where renders tend to be pretty time consuming and into Photoshop as soon as possible in order to add the details that really bring the renders to life. It’s amazing how much these renders advanced when I started to add the people into the scenes.

Empty Airport

A lot of the research on this pointed towards a very minimal style airport. Scanners are largely expected to work from huge distances and track you as you travel through the airport, baggage robots deal with your luggage without you having to go to a single check-in point. Everything pointed towards less queuing and a much more fluid experience. For that reason the airport I designed is very open. Large spaces allow you to move freely through the airport without necessarily feeling like there’s a definite path for you to take.

Touch Screen Shopping Airport Of The Future

Whilst I wouldn’t say that the renders achieve a high level of realism I do think they illustrate the concepts pretty well. I wanted the final images to appeal to a wide audience and feel not so advanced that they seemed unrealistic.

Project Coverage

This project has been really well received. Coverage has included Design Week, The Sun, The Mirror, The Mail and The Irish Examiner.

If you’d like to read more about the technology showcased in these renders, head on over to Airport Of The Future.

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