Designing The Berg Logo

I recently designed a logo for a friend’s solo copywriting venture and I thought I would share the process that I went through from initial idea to finished logo.

Berg Logo Sketches

The brief was pretty prescriptive in that some form of iceberg was requested to sit alongside the name to form the mark. I was also given some examples of style that were all pretty simple but quite distinctive in their approach.

Before I start any design project, big or small I like to have a look around at client competitors and also generally at other design work that inspires me. Where I look for this varies on the type of project I’m working on, if it’s web design then more likely Awwwards and FWA but Behance and Pinterest are good resources too.

Berg Logo Sketches

Following my initial research it’s time to get the pen and paper out. I’ve never really made the switch to digital sketching despite the fact that I almost always work with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. My sketches are very basic and produced quickly, this method allows me to quickly see whether I think an idea will work or not without investing too much time. With the Berg logo, I was really looking for a simple, striking way to visually represent an iceberg.

With the sketches complete and a clearer direction in my mind it was time to start working up those sketches in Adobe Illustrator. Initially I was looking at low poly style version of an iceberg as it seemed to fit well. I even looked at tools such as DMesh to see if I could automate this but as the logo developed I was concerned that it could date pretty quickly (low poly was flavour of the month for a while with a lot of designers).

Iceberg Logo

From this point I simplified and refined the iceberg and stripped the colour back out. I like the concept that there isn’t a single colour behind the identity as I think this reflects that nature of a copywriter’s business – they adapt to the brief.

Berg Logo Animated

Finally with a mark that I thought worked well I added the type. This was actually quite a difficult process in terms of balance. Getting the feel right with such a short word and a wireframe style logo was a bit of a balancing act, too light with the font and you end up with little impact, too heavy and it just feels wrong. I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out – I hope you liked reading about the process behind it!

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