Do I Really Need Creative Cloud?

With Adobe announcing their move to subscription based pricing for all their products last week I’m left wondering whether I actually need Creative Cloud?

Sure I’ve used Adobe products for the last 14 years on a daily basis but the £50/month required to use the software in future makes me think twice. Realistically, what do I actually need that Adobe have? The 2 programs I use most are Photoshop and Illustrator without a doubt, beyond that I really don’t think I need any more. Occasionally I do a little work with After Effects but it’s quite a rarity. I never use InDesign, have no need for Muse and Dreamweaver had its day a long time ago.

Could I really drop Photoshop and Illustrator?
The idea that I could stop using the two pieces of software I use more than any other does seem a little ridiculous but it is possible. I’ve read various posts on users dropping Photoshop or Fireworks in favour of Bohemian Coding’s Sketch (which costs around £35), and that was before the new pricing structure. Other options are Pixelmator, a very capable app that I have yet to use in any real capacity but does show a hell of a lot of promise. Photoshop does a lot of stuff that I simple do not use for web based layouts, in fact I’d estimate that I use less than 10% of Photoshop’s features.

The main problem…
The biggest influence on whether I actually will be able to drop Photoshop and Illustrator from my toolset is the fact that I have to supply files to design agencies that other designers can work with and likewise I have to be able to take other designers files and continue working on them. Realistically I think this will stop me, but it seems like such a poor reason. I’d be far happier to continue using Adobe’s software if it provided something that the alternatives don’t. I’m not convinced this is true though.

I’d be really interested to know what other designers out there are doing and whether they have considered dropping Adobe products from their toolset.

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