Double Your Freelancing Rate In 14 Days

I recently read a book called Double Your Freelancing Rate In 14 Days by Brennan Dunn (if any of my clients are reading this, don’t panic!).

Freelance rates are always a difficult subject, no-one really knows what anyone else charges and it feels like there’s a bit of a glass ceiling when it comes to rates. If you push your price up too far then the client just goes elsewhere, keep it the same and it’s not reflecting your true knowledge and experience, it’s fair to say it’s a subject that interests me greatly.

Double Your Freelancing Rate Book Cover

The book is as much about changing the perception of you as it is about doubling your rates. It’s about demonstrating your value, talking to your clients about results and positioning yourself and your service as an investment rather than an expense.

Despite the fact that one of my colleagues thought the supporting site for the book looked a little dubious I’ve found the book to be really useful. It’s very easy as a freelancer to just get your head down and get on with the work and do little else, but it’s important to remember that you are running a business and running a business isn’t just about doing the work.

Certainly there are a few things that I will change as a direct result of reading this book – I’ve already talked about positioning myself as a consultant, whether it also includes doubling my rate or not I’m not so sure (yet)!

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