Fiverr For A Logo?

Typically designers hate to see cheap services that undercut them, just look at the reaction that SquareSpace’s logo design tool received when it launched. Here’s what happened when I commissioned 3 designers on to redesign my logo…

The brief

I’m a freelance web designer that operates under the name NoVolume. With 15 years in the industry I’m knowledgeable across all disciplines of digital design. I design, 3D model, code, illustrate, and animate. I place a strong emphasis on high quality visual work that gets results. Aside from my design work, my clients like me for my transparent approach, ability to speak to them in a language they understand and the fact that I’m very business minded.

I need a logo that conveys all of the above, is recognisable and unique to me and will stand the test of time. The logo will ultimately be used digitally but will need to work well in print too.

My existing logo

My existing logo has been in operation for a few years now, it started out in 2D form and has progressed into the 3D version that you now see on this website. It isn’t something that I invested huge amounts of time in but I’m happy with it, particularly in it’s current form. I did not supply this logo as part of the brief as I didn’t want to influence the designers.

The designers

I’ve selected the 3 most prominent logo designers on to undertake the challenge. I’m not going to name them as they weren’t aware that it wasn’t a live brief, but if anything that’s a better test. If anyone is sufficiently impressed with their skills, by all means drop me an email and I’ll pass you their details on.

The logos

Here’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for, the three logos that I received back…

NoVolume Logo Redesign 1

NoVolume Logo Redesign 2

NoVolume Logo Redesign 3

The conclusion

I find it difficult to be critical at the price. $5 is really at the bottom end of the market and clearly that market does exist otherwise there wouldn’t be so many designers offering this service on It’s important to remember that $5 carries a different value in lot of countries and typically the designers on Fiverr do come from the less wealthy nations.

That said, if nothing else my experiment should show that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to design. I read a quote recently by Dr. Ralph Speth, CEO of Jaguar that sums things up…

If you think good design is expensive, you should see the cost of bad design

UPDATE: It has since been pointed out to me that the first logo is very similar to BT’s logo and the third IS the Nespresso logo. I guess that further emphasises the point!

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