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For the last few years I’ve been logging all incomings and outgoings using a combination of MS Excel and a mac based application called Billable. To begin with it worked great, but over time I got busier and busier and things started slipping. I’d forget to log work, invoice very sporadically and as a result I never really had a grip on my accounts. That’s when a friend recommended FreeAgent to me, so I had a look and signed up for a 30 day free trial.

FreeAgent Bank Feed

After a few days of testing it quickly became apparent that FreeAgent was a great fit for my business. I’m not going to have an in depth look at every feature that FreeAgent offers, the free trial can do a better job of that than I ever will, but what I will try and do is explain why I rate it so highly.

British is best

First and foremost, FreeAgent is a UK based business. The software understands UK business and tax better than any of it’s competitors, it’s all very straightforward and intuitive. Right from the off it really feels like it’s tailored to your business, you’re prompted to choose your business type: Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company after which the interface changes to meet your requirements.

FreeAgent’s dashboard provides you a great overview of all that’s happening with your business – open/overdue invoices, projects with unbilled time, profit and loss for the year so far, recent timeslips, and open/recently approved estimates. If that doesn’t float your boat, you can customise the overview page to meet your needs.

Wait, it’s automatic?

Another great feature and massive, massive timesaver is automatic bank feeds. As you would expect they pull your bank feeds in to the system and mark any incomings or expenditure down, you also have the opportunity to mark any invoices that have been paid. As you begin to use this feature you really notice it’s worth as FreeAgent learns from your explanations and starts to save you the time, while at the same time building a picture of the money coming in and going out of your account.

It nags your clients for you!

I absolutely love this feature – automatic reminder emails can be set on overdue invoices. I personally have this set on all my invoices. I have reminders set at 2 days before an invoice becomes overdue with a custom friendly nudge, followed by a sterner message every 7 days after that. You’d be surprised how many times clients have paid up upon receiving one of these messages. And the best part, because it’s an automatic reminder – it doesn’t feel like you’re personally nagging your client.

FreeAgent Invoice Screen

Finally, FreeAgent offers all the usual features that you would expect from an online accounting service – estimates, expenses, invoices, reminders, time tracking and contact management. And it does them all very well.

Pricing & Discount Code

Take a look at FreeAgent, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – FreeAgent starts at £15/month for sole traders with a free 30 day trial and you can get a 10% lifetime discount by entering this code (450o5fbi) into your FreeAgent trial account or clicking the button below…

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Chris Bridgen:

12 Jun 2010 21:16:02

We agree. FreeAgent is an amazing piece of kit. I own Unlimited Accountancy and have a freelancer background myself, so it was only natural that we became a FreeAgent Friendly practice.

From the viewpoint of an accountancy firm, this FreeAgent is a dream to work with; we love it & clients love it.

It’s extremely easy to use, good value for money & makes it so much easier to see how your business is performing NOW, not in 12 months time when the accounts are due … it could be far too late then.

Overall, we are extremely glad we’ve partnered with FreeAgent.

Ben Smith:

14 Jun 2010 10:55:34

I’d also recommend checking out Xero ( – we’ve been using it for a while and I’ve found it pretty comprehensive for covering the accounting side of things. They’ve also got automatic banking feeds with certain banks such as HSBC which is a nice touch.

Gillian Harlick:

20 Dec 2010 17:13:24

We’ve been using Freeagent Central for a while now – just preparing our second year accounts using it, and still love it. Great for a growing company like us.

The best thing about it is that you can set up recurring invoices and invoices for future dates which email out to clients automatically – no more needing to make sure you are in the office on the first of the month to get your invoices out.

The email reminders are also very useful and you can personalise all of it so you don’t lose that personal touch – in fact some of our customers have mentioned that they feel like its customer service when we are chasing invoices!

Before Freeagent Central accountancy software we used Sage Instant Accounts, which I found very complicated and time consuming for a small company like ours. I can honestly say Freeagent Central have quartered the time we spend doing the books whilst also making our accounts process more effective.

There is an iPhone app too, which I was very excited about. However you can’t raise invoices on it, only bill time and expenses to projects, and track your mileage etc.


04 Jan 2011 12:46:24

If you’re UK based and VAT registered you’ll be getting the most of out this system. Even if you’re not VAT registered all the other features are great and well worth the monthly subscription.


14 Aug 2011 14:08:44

I’d like to recommend a phenomenal business accounting software called freeagent central. hIt is a UK based online accounting software system. I run a small business but always struggled to keep my accounts in order, often leaving it to the last minute and by that time I’d forgotten half the transactions and lost the receipts etc. Freeagent has revolutionised my accounting. It is so simple to use. It is an online accounting tool so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The interface is slick, quick and intuitive, far better than its competitiors like kashflow and clearbooks. Much easier to use than sage etc. Its language is simple and not too technical making it a doddle for people without a degree in accounts. I run a lot of transactions through paypal, which integrates flawlessly with the system, uploading all my transactions on a nightly basis. It also allows you to upload statements from your bank.
This software is brilliant for any small business or freelancer, and has the facility to upgrade from a sole trader to a limited company easily. The support team are excellent. I had a call in the first week to go over any queries I had with the software. When I had an issue, the technical team worked on it and had it fixed within a day! Superb, friendly and local (based in Edinburgh) customer service. Best of all the price is 15 pounds a month. Freeagent central is remarkable, and may I say actually quite fun to use. Look no further for a small business accounts software package.


22 Nov 2011 09:53:52

I have started to use this for my limited company accounting. Cannot recommend it highly enough. It is extremely versatile and I also use the software for case management. No more need for spreadsheets!

Happy accounting!

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