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Around two years ago I started writing an ebook for wannabe freelancers. During the course of my freelance career I’ve fielded a lot of questions from friends and colleagues about what is actually involved and how you go about becoming a freelancer.

I’ve previously covered some of the topics on an individual level on this blog (and many times in person) but it seemed like a good idea to try and create something a little more comprehensive.

The ebook, imaginatively titled Go Freelance is really the book that I needed when I first started freelancing. I was pretty green. When I’d finished my first freelance project I wasn’t even sure what to put on my invoice. It seems to be one of those careers that you’ve just got to kind of work out as you go. No-one really tells you what to do.

An ebook for anyone thinking about going freelance

Go Freelance Book Cover

Go Freelance covers everything from deciding whether freelance is right for you and getting set-up to finding work and getting your finances on track (and a lot more too). I’m hoping it will prove to be a great reference guide for any budding freelancers out there. There are tips and ideas to help you make the transition and hopefully avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Realistically it’s primarily aimed at designers and developers but there is plenty of information in the book that is applicable to a lot of roles. Much of the information contained within would be equally appropriate for copywriters, photographers, videographers and pretty much anyone else involved in creative industries.

Over the years there have been some really useful lessons and some really bizarre situations. It’s been a lot of fun but there’s definitely a learning curve too. Freelance offers some great benefits but it brings it’s own problems and challenges too.

What I’ve tried to create is the book that would have really helped me out when I started my freelance career. If you’ve thought about freelancing in the past or are thinking about it now then this is the book for you.

Although I started the book a couple of years back I’ve had a bit of a push on it as late. This being my tenth year as a freelancer it seemed like a pretty good time to get it out there for all to read. I’m now entering what should be the final few weeks before the book is complete and finally released on sale.

Learn How To Start Your Freelance Career

If you’re interested in moving into the world of freelance then give my ebook a look. I may be a little biased but I think it could be pretty useful for you.

Go Freelance Book


Sarah Murray-Dickson:

22 Jan 2017 19:59:06

Hello, thank you for this very informative and sometimes humorous site! Looking forward to purchasing the ebook as I know what I want to achieve re freelancing but no idea how to go about getting it!

Would love to know as soon as it’s out so I can buy direct.

Kind Regards,
Sarah Murray-Dickson


23 Jan 2017 13:20:33

Hey Sarah, I launched the book back in late November. You can grab a copy over here…


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