I'm Selling football-banter.com

5 years ago on a slightly overcast June morning I decided to set up a football blog. I figured it was a good idea and that maybe I could eventually start selling advertising space on it (once I’d achieved global domination).

Football Banter

The global domination never came, well not in the way I thought it would. I plugged away at creating new content and realised that it was a lot more work than I’d ever anticipated. Football Banter continued in this way for quite a while, never really having much direction.

International fame

Then one day everything changed. I’d floated the idea of possibly turning it into a podcast to a friend of mine and he wanted in. So with absolutely no knowledge of podcasting and nothing more than a laptop we started a weekly show. It was amateur at best but loads of fun to make. Then the surprise came, Apple loved us. Within a few weeks they’d ranked us as one of the top 10 football podcasts in the world. We were digitally hobnobbing with the like of James Richardson and the downloads came in their thousands.

And so the podcast continued and the site got some real purpose. The podcast team grew, shrank and then grew again. It was great fun but over time alongside my other commitments I couldn’t keep up the podcast production – edits were finishing at 2am on average and general website updates were slipping down my list of priorities.

The next chapter

For that reason I’m now selling the website in the hope that someone will come along and give it a new lease of life. It’s got some decent incoming links, a good history and the domain isn’t too bad either. If you’re interested in taking it on, let me know – I’d love to see it revived again!

I’m interested!