Obsessing Over ArtRage

There always seems to be one obsession in my life, up until recently it was The Walking Dead TV series but that has now been replaced by an amazing digital art program called ArtRage.

Initially after leaving school I went on to study illustration, followed by design so I guess it makes sense that I still have a desire to create non-commercial pieces of art. I’ve tried many times to get back into both sketching and painting but something always stops me – either forgetting my sketchbook or just not having the time to set up the necessary equipment. After completing a recent digital painting project in Photoshop I started looking around at alternative solutions. Photoshop was just way too cumbersome for the task – step forward ArtRage.

So far I’ve had the demo of ArtRage 4 for just 48 hours but I’m completely blown away by it. It just works exactly like it should – I didn’t need any tutorials to get up and running. The best thing I can say about it though is that it feels like painting, from the texture of the canvas to the paints mixing together. It just feels great to use.

If you’ve never tried ArtRage and have any interest in making art I would highly recommend it, it’s around $50 to buy.

Here’s a short video review that I recorded of ArtRage in action…

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