Perch, A Brilliant Little CMS

As a web designer, I’m often asked to build websites with some form of content management system, but there’s a slight problem – I’m not a coder, I’m very much a designer.

Perch Logo Solutions to this problem such as Wordpress are great, they allow designers to create content management systems without the headache of creating the back end. There are plenty of options out there too Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine and TextPattern to name but a few.

Big isn’t always beautiful

The problem I have with a lot of these systems is that they’re very bulky. Sometimes you need a solution that is much smaller and won’t be daunting for your client the first time they log in to the admin area to edit their website. That’s where Perch steps in. Perch ‘the really little content management system’ is aimed at sites that don’t need a huge CMS. It’s quick to install, very designer friendly and has a nice price too (£50+VAT).

Perch CMS Home Page

There are a couple of reason why I like Perch so much. Firstly, it’s very quick to install and setup – I recently converted a small 6 page static html website to being fully content managed in an afternoon (and that was the first time I’d ever used it!). Secondly, the admin area is a breath of fresh air. It’s simple, intuitive, brandable and very user friendly, there’s no need to give clients a walk through of the system which makes my job that little bit easier.

Help is at hand

When I first started using Perch it was in it’s infancy and there weren’t many tutorials, but over time they’ve built up a really nice bank of solutions and the support forum is always a good stopping point if you’re having any trouble. The responses I’ve had from support have always been quick and helpful, which is saying something as my support requests tend to be outside of working hours. For me this is a huge advantage over something open source like Wordpress – the fact I’m paying for the product gives me a certain level of support should I need it.

Perch CMS Screenshot

Final thoughts…

All in all, I would definitely recommend Perch to anyone looking for a simple content management system to add to a small to medium sized website.

If you want to try Perch out yourself, the link below gets you a 10% discount…

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Russell Poulter:

19 Aug 2010 10:42:04

HI Dave

Nice post. I’m just taking a look at Perch now, think it might be an ideal solution for an upcoming project. Thanks for the heads up.


19 Aug 2010 13:05:58

Hi Russell,

Glad my post helped – I’d be interested to see how you get on with Perch. I wish they had a gallery on their site so you could easily see what it’s capable of – all in time I guess!


06 Dec 2010 17:01:45

Hi Dave,

We have just released a light-weight CMS named CouchCMS ( that is targeted towards web designers who are not very comfortable using PHP.

It retrofits within existing static sites and pretty complex functionality can be achieved using only XHTML like tags.
Best of all, it is free for personal and non-commercial sites.

Perhaps you’d like to review it.


22 Apr 2012 11:15:06

One thing that is often overlooked with Perch is the incredible flexibility of the templating system. You are not limited to simple editing solutions and once you learn perch inside out, you can use it for sites big and small.

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