Pixel Footballers

I’ve just finished this pixel footballer game for betting site Rival Betting. The game is a throwback to those old skool Microsoft Excel quizzes that used to do the rounds by email around 10 years ago.

Pixel Footballers

The concept is simple enough – look at the pixel characters and see if you can work out which footballers they are. It’s been a really fast turnaround project and one that was designed and developed at the same time. I quickly created a few pixel characters and then threw down some code in CodePen for the quiz mechanic to prove the concept.

It seemed to work well and didn’t need an awful lot beyond that.

The layout was worked up in Adobe XD which I’m liking more and more for quick visuals. It’s so quick to work with.

Pixel Characters

Take a look and see if you can name all 12 premier league footballers…

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Anfield Legends

I made a slightly larger, follow-up version of this game based on some of Liverpool’s best players over the years. This version features 16 players rather than 12 and includes some minor animation on the pixel characters.

Anfield Legends

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