Please Don't Steal My Website

The web is vast, if you really wanted to get away with stealing someone’s website it would be relatively easy. The exception to that would be when you accidentally leave the analytics code from the stolen website in place and that’s exactly what’s just happened to me.

A couple of weeks back my analytics started tracking visits to a page that has never existed on my website. A page with a Portuguese URL. I knew what had happened straight away though as it’s not the first time that my code has been stolen (and stolen badly).

Here’s a snippet of the stolen code

Go Freelance Stolen

The code that has been copied is from a landing page designed to promote my upcoming ebook Go Freelance. The stolen version appears to be promoting a Portuguese weight loss workbook that also helps you take control of your emotions. Handy.

Go Freelance

Go Freelance Stolen Version

It’s all about the source

Viewing the source of the copied website reveals several references to my code, even the Javascript class I used to handle the line animations which make no appearance on the copied version. It looks like some kind of website downloader app has been used to grab all the files.

Go Freelance Stolen Code

The font still works?

Interestingly the font appears to be functioning fine which either means that Typekit is allowing the font to be served on a different domain or Carol Ferrera has gone to the trouble of getting the font working. Neither seem particularly plausible.

I’ve dropped Carol Ferrera an email to find out why she’s stolen my page and to get some kind of explanation. I’ll update this post when, or if I hear back.


Although I’m yet to receive a response from Carol Ferrera following my email and message on Facebook, Google Analytics is showing her webmail address as a referrer to my website today.

Mysterious Referrer

This would seemingly mean that Carol Ferrera has indeed seen my email and has had a look at my website. I’d imagine by now that she’s aware of this post. Whether she will get back to me or not I do not know, it doesn’t seem likely.

Further update…

Carol Ferrera emailed me over the weekend and apologised for copying the website. It wasn’t clear whether it was someone else that had done it, or she’d done it herself. The page has since been changed and my Google Analytics is no longer tracking links to the page.

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