Redesigning My Own Site

If you’re reading this post, then for me that’s pretty good news. It means my new website is finally live and it’s 7 year old predecessor has finally been laid to rest.

New NoVolume Website

Out with the old…

I should have redesigned my website a long time ago but real work has the tendency to take over and get in the way. 7 years is too long for a website, particularly the pace at which things change online. That said, for the time spent creating it, the last site did me proud. It wasn’t ground breaking, it had no redeeming features but it showed the work well, and people seemed to respond to that.

In with the new…

My new site has been completely redesigned and rebuilt, sure there are similarities to the last one – certainly in terms of it’s simplicity but that’s something I will always like in a designer’s website. Even before I began, I knew I wanted to use Perch to control the content. I’ve blogged about Perch before and for a long time it’s been my go to CMS. It’s incredibly slick and I’m way more comfortable with it than I am with Wordpress (which the previous site was built on, actually it was built on 2 installs of Wordpress). It feels like a CMS that adapts to your website, even to your way of working which suits me perfectly.

Decisive factors

Two of the major factors behind the redesign were firstly to design a responsive site that would work well across a number of devices – it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the tablets and smartphones on the market these days. The blog was the second factor. I really want to be using my blog a lot more – I’ve made the blog page a lot more readable and generally much simpler. For the time being I’ve disposed of things like categories and tags in favour of a more simplistic approach.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Although it’s only a very small site, it was a much more involved process than I ever really expected it to be. I had to learn a number of new things – little snippets of Javascript, animation tricks with CSS and even getting the best out of the camera when it came to photographing some of the projects. There will no doubt be things that I spot that I want to change but I feel like I’m in a good position to be able to do that now.

I’d like to thank

Finally, I’d like to say thanks to both Drew and Rachael at Perch – I’m sure I was a constant thorn in their sides at times, but credit to them – they helped me out every time I needed it!

Anyway, if you haven’t already – take a look around, oh and before I forget – there’s a little easter egg hidden in it for those that dig deep enough.


Ian Wylde:

27 Mar 2014 14:30:42

Site looks great Dave! Makes me think i should do mine one day!


27 Mar 2014 14:48:36

Thanks Ian, you should go for it!

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