Retro Car Posters

I recently designed and illustrated these retro car posters for Carole Nash whilst working with Epiphany Search. The cars were chosen by the public following a series of polls on Honest John Classics and I was brought in to bring those choices to life.

Retro Car Posters

Retro isn’t my usual illustration style so it was always going to be a challenging project for me. That said, I usually find my best work comes when I’m pushing myself and am out of my comfort zone.

The Illustration Process

Following quite a lot of research in both the cars themselves and retro style posters all the cars were worked up as pure line art in Adobe Illustrator. This provided me with a rock solid foundation to build upon and think about achieving the retro style. As a process, it’s quite an interesting one. Much of the time spent is about getting those lines down and doing a good job of it and at this point you end up with something that is really starting to take shape. This is quickly lost though as the initial colour work covers all those lines and certainly to begin with looks very basic. Only when you really start getting down to adding more detail do the illustrations really start to come to life. The use of both colour and texture are a massive help in providing an authentic feel.

Datsun 240z Illustration/Poster

E-Type Jaguar Poster/Illustration

Retro Audi Quattro Illustration/Poster

Retro Fiat 500 Illustration/Poster

The final posters are available to download from Carole Nash’s cherished website and were also produced as mobile wallpapers.

All in all it’s a fairly time consuming process but it’s very rewarding and hugely enjoyable too. I’m really happy with the way the posters turned out.



05 Feb 2016 16:01:38

That e-type poster is particularly sexy. Nice work.


05 Feb 2016 16:03:14

Thanks Jeromy, glad you like it and thanks for the comment!

Stu Bamforth:

23 Feb 2016 14:01:50

Love the Audi Quattro, potential for a range of t-shirts?

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