Rip Your Website To Shreds

Maybe you’ve got a website that you’re pretty happy with, maybe you’ve only just launched it. It doesn’t matter. Once in every while you should rip your website to shreds.

Shredded Paper

Play devils advocate and be overly critical, really go to town on it. Find every fault, no matter how small and make a big list. No website is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Chances are that your business model has changed a little since you put your website together; maybe the content is a bit out of date? Are your calls to action working hard enough? Is it slow to load? Anything that you can think of that could be improved should be noted down.

Detach Yourself

You might have to detach yourself to be able to really pull it apart but that’s a good thing. Your customers have no real emotional attachment to your website and you need to think like a potential customer to be able to truly assess it’s worth. It can be quite liberating and will give you a definite plan of action to get it back on track rather than a vague feeling that you could be doing more.

Your Website Isn’t Finished

A website is never finished, even if you just launched it. It should be constantly evolving and adapting to meet both yours and your customers needs, but that’s the beauty of a website – it’s the perfect platform to be able to deal with this.

If your site hasn’t changed at all in the last 6 months, you’re doing something wrong.