Sketching To Become A Better Designer

Since the start of the year I’ve been trying to sketch a lot more whenever I get any free time, there are a number of reasons for this, some relate to my job, quite a few don’t…

It’s been years since I’ve really bothered with any kind of real art that wasn’t done for any commercial purposes, in fact – it was probably back when I was at art college. Back then I was pretty handy – but it stands to reason I suppose. I was producing art on a daily basis with a collection of people that were all very talented.

Bane and Travis Barker Sketch

I do illustrate for my job but it’s always digital illustration. I wanted to do something away from the screen – everywhere I look in my life, there’s a tiny digital screen commanding my attention – phones, TVs, tablets, computers, laptops, baby monitors – the list goes on.

Website Sketches

30 minutes losing myself in a sketch where possible is great, there’s no command-z, you have to think about your lines, live with your mistakes and just keep moving forward. The thing I like about sketching is that it both takes me away from work yet benefits it at the same time. It improves my composition, makes me more decisive, improves my free form illustration and ultimately it makes me think that little bit more. In a world where everything is done on a computer, stepping away every once in a while benefits you hugely.

Zombie Sketch

I’m still lightyears away from where I got to back at art college but what I’m doing now is less about the end result and more about the process and what I learn from going through that process. I’ve included some of my sketches alongside this post – none are great and all have mistakes but I’m trying to be much more relaxed about that – in time I’ll improve.

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