Smart Phones Dumb Users

I’m really pleased to say that a recent project that I’ve been working on has launched this week.

Smart Phones Dumb Users

Smart Phones, Dumb Users is microsite that pokes fun at those annoying mobile phone users that we’re all too familiar with. It’s a project that I worked on at Epiphany with the super talented Stephen Griffin (he did the all the more hardcore front end stuff and I took the illustration and character animation).

Apple Apostles

It was in one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on for a while. Illustrating the characters was quite challenging, but I got to have a lot of fun with them. There’s a hat tip to few people that I know in some of them too, although I won’t say who! The part that I really enjoyed though, was animating the characters.

Dinner Snappers

Animation was never part of the initial brief, but once I’d got the illustrations finished my fingers were itching to bring them to life. While the animations aren’t particularly complex, I think they’re pretty effective and relatively easily achieved with a little CSS3 keyframe animation. It’s a long way from the old skool days of animating characters in flash that I did a lot of back in the day but the outcome is still the same.


Anyway, go and have a play with the site, see what you think!

Smart Phones Dumb Users

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