The Fastest Way To Boost Your Productivity

It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate these days, particularly when your work is internet related. The internet in all it’s infinite glory tends to be just a little bit distracting. It’s something we all battle with on a daily basis, but it’s really easy to fix.

The One Step Program

The first step to beating procrastination is admitting that you’ve got a problem. No wait, that’s something else. It doesn’t matter, the sentiment is the same. You have to be fully behind increasing your productivity to actually achieve it. For some of you, that’s going to be tough.

I’ve read loads of articles about getting more stuff done and generally knuckling down, some of those articles were excellent – although it’s a difficult one to judge. Surely the best article on getting more stuff done forces you to stop reading and get on with whatever it is that you should be doing instead. There’s only one method I’ve found that is pretty much bullet-proof…

One Task, One App

Quit all your applications except the one that you need to complete the current task. If you’re working on a design visual in Photoshop, quit everything else – Google Chrome, Apple Mail, Messages – everything, quit them all. What about email I hear you cry? Quit it. Come back to it later, it can wait. Oh, and that includes your phone. Switch off all your notifications.

All those little distractions, those notifications that someone has placed a bid on your ebay item, the chat message from your colleague asking what you’re doing for lunch – none of them are helping you get anything done. They’re doing the opposite. You don’t need to adopt the pomodoro method, you don’t need to schedule tasks you just need to get every single thing that’s distracting you and remove it. It’s a big jump, but I guarantee it will work for you.

Now Go And Do It

If you’re still reading this blog post then I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. Quit your browser and go get some work done, well either do that or go and watch some cat videos.

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