The Freelance World Cup

I’m so excited about the World Cup starting and I wanted some way to connect it to the work I do. As I was driving home I came up with an idea…


32 handpicked freelance designers chosen to represent their countries in the Freelance World Cup. Some of the best designers on the planet. If their team progress in the World Cup, they progress. Simple. I’ll feature the winner on the site and showcase their work. There can be only one…

I saw some amazing design when I was compiling this list and hopefully you will too when you look through the competitors. Oh, and I get to represent England because it’s my ball (and I’m taking it home if I can’t play).

Group A

Brazil – Adhemas Batista
Croatia – Ivorin Vrkas
Mexico – Javier Medellin Puyou
Cameroon – Nicholas Kume

Group B

Spain – David Navarro
Netherlands – Pascal van der Haar
Chile – Fernanda Frick
Australia – Luke Lucas

Group C

Colombia – Daniel Lasso Casas
Greece – Villie Karabatzia
Cote d’Ivoire – Doba Gildas
Japan – Tatsuro Kiuchi

Group D

Uruguay – Fede Cook
Costa Rica – Guido Agüero G.
England – Me
Italy – Enzo Li Volti

Group E

Switzerland – German Kopytkov
Ecuador – C.David Miranda B.
France – Lionel Durimel
Honduras – Leiry Seron

Group F

Argentina – Martin Liveratore
Bosnia & Herzegovina – Adi Dizdarevic
Iran – Navid H. Fard
Nigeria – Buchi Michael Anora

Group G

Germany – Raffael Stueken
Portugal – Raquel Peixoto
Ghana – Prince Adu Ameyaw
USAShane Meilke

Group H

Belgium – Louise Mertens
Algeria – Yasser Achachi
Russia – Max Lapteff
Korea Republic – Donghyun Lim

So there it is, the 32 freelancers competing for the freelance World Cup. I’ll update the list after each round until just one remains. Best of luck to all…

The Last 16…

Congratulations to all of those that made the last 16…

Adhemas Batista (Brazil) v Fernanda Frick (Chile)
Daniel Lasso Casas (Colombia) v Fede Cook (Uruguay)

Pascal van der Haar (Netherlands) v Javier Medellin Puyou (Mexico)
Guido Agüero G. (Costa Rica) v Villie Karabatzia (Greece)

Lionel Durimel (France) v Buchi Michael Anora (Nigeria)
Raffael Stueken (Germany) v Yasser Achachi (Algeria)

Martin Liveratore (Argentina) v German Kopytkov (Switzerland)
Louise Mertens (Belgium) v Shane Meilke (USA)

Quarter Finals…

Just 8 designers left…

Lionel Durimel (France) v Raffael Stueken (Germany)

Adhemas Batista (Brazil) v Daniel Lasso Casas (Colombia)

Martin Liveratore (Argentina) v Louise Mertens (Belgium)

Pascal van der Haar (Netherlands) v Guido Agüero G. (Costa Rica)

Semi Finals…

4 designers remain…

Adhemas Batista (Brazil) v Raffael Stueken (Germany)

Martin Liveratore (Argentina) v Pascal van der Haar (Netherlands)

The Final…

32 designers from across the globe came, 30 have fallen, 2 remain. This Sunday we will find out who will lift the (imaginary) Freelance World Cup, Raffael Stueken representing Germany or Argentina’s Martin Liveratore?

Raffael Stueken (Germany) v Martin Liveratore (Argentina)

The Winner…

A massive congratulations to Raffael Stueken for winning the Freelance World Cup.

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