The Power Of A Keyword Rich Domain

Registering a domain is becoming increasingly difficult, the popularity of the internet means it can be very difficult to register a domain that you would actually like because chances are, someone else already registered it. But are we considering the domains we register enough? I don’t think so.

Firstly, lets clear up what a keyword rich domain is. It is simply a domain name that contains at least some keywords from the main search term you wish to be found for.

Take for example a site I created a couple of years back This domain happens to contain the exact keywords that I want the site to be found for.  Why is that important? Well, it seems now more than ever Google is placing more value in links back to a site, and the words that are used for those links are the key.

A few years ago, a quick search for the term ‘miserable failure’ in Google would return the official White House website in position no.1 and link directly to a page about George W Bush. It goes without saying that those in charge of the White House website weren’t trying to be placed no.1 on Google for that particular term (or maybe it was sabotage!). So why did their site top the rankings? Simply because people were linking to their site and using the words miserable failure as the link text. Like I have done here. (Sorry George, just trying to make a point!)

By creating a site with a keyword rich domain, you are effectively harnessing this power and using it in your favour, getting links back to your site can be difficult enough, getting them with the right link text is even more difficult. Maybe you should be considering a keyword rich domain!


Tom Humes:

15 Nov 2008 12:15:18

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Tom Humes


12 Jun 2009 10:29:19

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