Turn Your Designs Into Prototypes Fast With Marvel

It’s pretty rare that a web app I’ve never used before saves my skin twice in a week but that’s what happened with Marvel App recently.

I’d heard of Marvel App, I’d looked at the site before and I thought it looked pretty useful. Marvel is a free web prototyping tool that can be used by anyone, you don’t need to know any code. So when working on a couple of pitches recently I needed a way to compile my visuals in to some kind of presentable format – despite time being against me, I gave Marvel a blast.

Marvel App

Prototype in 5 minutes

5 minutes later and my first prototype is done, a fully functioning prototype with transitions in place that works flawlessly. This never happens. Nothing is ever as simple as it should be. Dropping buttons on to my visuals and then linking them to where they needed to go was an absolute breeze.

Works seamlessly with Dropbox

What I really love about Marvel, aside from it’s incredibly fluid, intuitive interface is the fact that it works seamlessly with Dropbox. I’m a pretty heavy Dropbox user so this is a godsend. It means that I can amend and tweak my designs even after I’ve finished putting my prototype together in Marvel and it all updates automatically, there’s no re-uploading of files or anything else.

Sketch concepts with iPhone

I have to admit, I haven’t yet downloaded the Marvel iPhone app but it looks really useful for putting together sketched prototypes. Working with the iPhone camera it’s possible to get your concepts together and working in minutes.

Because Marvel is so quick to use and create a prototype with, I can see it really making an impact in my workflow. I don’t necessarily see me using Marvel just to present work to clients, I’d happily use it for internal presentations and demos and even proof of concepts.

I’m really interested to see how Marvel develops over the coming months, but whatever happens – right now, Marvel is a great product.

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