Why I Blog

Every time I write a blog post, whether it’s for this blog or any other that I write for, I can’t help but think who would want to read this?

It’s a question that often stifles me. I spend time wondering if my blog is too niche, I wonder whether people will be interested and I wonder if anyone is even reading anyway. It can feel pretty lonely at times, particularly if you’re not getting lots of comments on your posts. I force myself to let these doubts go, I let them go because I don’t blog for anyone else, I do it for me.

I don’t consider myself to be a good writer, I wouldn’t even say I’m an average writer and that’s partly why I do it. I want to get better, I want my style to evolve, I want my structure to improve and well, I just want to write interesting things. Maybe that’s part of my background – certainly when I went to art college there wasn’t a particularly strong focus on English. In some ways I felt like I missed out in that respect, although I would have never said that at the time. Whether this will work and help me improve or not I don’t know, but surely I won’t get worse from writing more – repetition is the mother of skill or so they say. Maybe one day I’ll write something that helps someone out. I certainly hope so.

I’m always on the lookout for new, interesting blogs to read and whilst industry blogs like Smashing Mag, Freelance Folder, Abduzeedo and others are good – they don’t give me the personality that you get from an individual’s blog. The weird niches that are formed on blogs are what I like. I like to be taken in a different direction, to read a genuine opinion that hasn’t been written under the pressure of any kind of negative reaction from it’s reader base. I want to read things that someone just felt like writing, something they really wanted to get off their chest. So if you have a blog that you’re posting to regularly then please add a comment below, I’d love to have a read!



20 Oct 2015 10:33:40

You are doing a great job, Dave. Your articles impacted a lot on how I think about design and freelancing and other related stuff.

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