Yosemite Update Issues

After months of auto nags from Apple I finally succumbed and updated to OS X Yosemite over the Christmas break. It’s fair to say that I ran into a few teething problems along the way so I figured I’d note them down here for anyone that’s experiencing similar issues…

Wifi Running Really Slow

One of the first problems I experienced was really poor wifi connection which made it seem more like I was using a dial-up connection. This was really intermittent and at first I didn’t make the connection with Yosemite. After a bit of digging though I found a post over at OS X Daily with some suggested steps to take. Essentially the issue seems like the update struggled with pre-existing network config and preference files. The quick solution is to delete these files and let OS X recreate them itself – for details on how to fix this, head this way.

MAMP not starting Apache

The second issue that I ran into was being unable to start the Apache server using MAMP. This one completely stumped me and I didn’t expect it at all – basically my local development environment completely destroyed. I found the solution on Stack Overflow – a simple file rename and everything worked again.

Ethernet Connection Crashing Mac

This one I haven’t solved yet. My macbook pro doesn’t have a slot for a regular ethernet cable so I’ve been using a StarTech USB ethernet adaptor which I’d never had any trouble with before. Following the upgrade to Yosemite it doesn’t work at all, the adaptor lights up and according to the network utility everything is fine but Mac goes into a cycle of crashing until the adaptor is removed. I was hoping the wifi fix might cure it but so far it hasn’t.

Hopefully this post might help someone else out that is experiencing similar issues and if anyone has a solution to my ethernet issue I’d love to hear it!

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