In addition to working as a freelance web designer, I teach two courses for NTI at Old Broadcasting House which is part of Leeds Beckett University.

The two courses that I teach are HTML and CSS and HTML Email Marketing.


This is an introductory course to HTML & CSS that starts at zero and gears you up to coding your own web pages. It’s packed with practical exercises to help you learn is also a great refresher for anyone that has had some exposure to web development in the past.

For a full breakdown of all the topics covered on the two day course, head on over to NTI’s website.

HTML and CSS Course at NTI

HTML Email Marketing

This course is a 50/50 split between Email Marketing campaign strategies and techniques used to construct bulletproof emails. The course runs for one day and again is full of practical exercises.

More info and course details on NTI’s website.

Email Marketing Course at NTI

I really enjoy both courses and it;s great to meet people from other industries that are keen to develop their skills for a number of reasons.

Dave was an outstanding teacher and I would definitely go on another of his courses.

A superb communicator and trainer and very helpful and patient. Helped me meet my learning needs.

At present both courses runs around every 4-6 weeks. If you’re interested in learning with me then head over to NTI’s website for more information and booking details.

Bespoke Training

From time to time I also provide custom micro courses in other software to level up the knowledge of small teams. Photoshop in particular is a popular micro course.

Talk to me about bespoke training